Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet


  • Weight:
  • Weather Resistant:
  • Life:
    3-4 Years
  • Tensile Strength:
    < 676 kg/cm2
  • Color & Design:
    Very Limited
  • Co-efiicient of Thermal Expansion:
    6.7/°C x 10-5

Polycarbonate Sheet Types

This product is available in 3 variations

Transparent Plain Compact Sheets

Transparent Plain Embossed Sheets


  • Description
  • Applications
  • Technical Properties
  • Advantages

“Rooffit”Polycarbonate Sheets are an excellent Roof glazing & cladding material with remarkable properties and performance making them one of the ideal choices for natural light transmitting for Roof glazing, Skylights, Pathways, Bus shelters, Shopping Archades, Canopies, Partitions, Greenhouses, Industrial glazing etc. Polycarbonate sheets are a perfectly ideal medium for use in the Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, Govt. & Leisure Segments.

  • Industrial Roofing
  • Parking Area
  • Garages and Verandahs
  • Porches & Walkways
  • Partition and Window Glazing
  • Domes and Canopies
  • Stadium
S.No. Description Plycarbonate Sheet FRP Sheet Acrylic Sheet
1. Shatter Resistance No Yes No
2. Impact Resistance Medium Very High Low
3. Light Diffusion Glaring Excellent Glaring
4. Corrosion Resistance Good Excellent Poor
5. Thermal Insulation Poor Excellent Poor
6. Maintenance Periodical Replacement Free Frequent Replacement
7. Weight Light Very Light Light
8. U/V Anti Aging Film U/V Optional Anti Aging Film-no Yes No
9. Weather Resistant Medium Excellent Very Poor
10. Color & Design Very Limited Many/Versatile Very Limited
11. Life 3-4 Years Min. 10 Years Not Recommended
12. Cofficient of Expansion & Contraction -vis-à-vis PEB/M.S Structure Not compatible notable warping & deformation after 1-2 years Compatible Very Poor
13. Tensile Strength < 676 kg/cm2 ≥ 1050 kg/cm2
14. Co-efiicient of Thermal Expansion 6.7/°C x 10-5 0.9-1.8/°C x 10-5
15. Fire Performance (Opaque sheets) Melts like Plastic Fire Retardant/Optional Highly Inflammable
S.No. Type Standard Dimension Thickness Color
1. Plain Compact Clear /Embossed Sheets 30.0 mtrs. x 1.22 mtrs 1.5mm–10mm Clear, Opal White, Grey Blue, Bronze, Green
2. Plain Compact Clear /Embossed Sheets 30.0 mtrs. x 2.1 mtrs.
(Subject to availability)
1.5mm–10mm Clear, Opal White, Grey Blue, Bronze, Green
3. Multi-Wall 11.8 mtrs. x 2.11 mtrs. 6mm–20mm Clear, Opal White, Grey Blue, Bronze, Green

Light Weight

Design Flexibility

UV Resistant

High Impact Strength Resistant

Excellent Light Transmission

Rust Proof

High Durability

Eco Friendly

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