FRP Daylight Panel UV Stablized

  • Length:
    Any Transportable length from 1.2 Mtr to 11.8 Mtr or more
  • Width:
    Max. 1500mm Plain Width & 1100mm Profiled/Corrugated Width
  • Thickness:
    0.60mm to 4.0mm
  • Light Transmission:
    80 to 85 % Maximum
  • Color:
    Any Translucent Color
  • Standards:
    As per Indian Standard IS : 12866 or Any other International Standard on demand

FRP Sheets Range


Crinkle & Textured


Curved Profile


  • Description
  • Applications
  • Comparison
  • Technical Properties
  • Advantages

“Rooffit” Machine made FRP Sheets is produced on the most advanced State- Of–The-Art Continuous Automatic Production Line specially for manufacturing high transparency sheets in various profile. FRP Sheets are single moulded continuous sheets comes with both side smooth glossy finish or embossed with inbuilt colour of your choice, which are duly ‘UV’ Stabilized for protection against ‘UV’ rays and colour fading. FRP Translucent Sheets are widely used for essential day light in Industrial Roofing or as Cladding. The sheets provide the natural lighting as required to minimise the use of electricity for artifical lightining and maximise the use of natural daylight, security & privacy to the enclosures and the Building.

“Rooffit” is one of the BIS(Bureau of Indian Standard) Licence holder for manufacturing of ISI Marked FRP Daylight Panel with licence No. CM/L 9512356116.

“Rooffit” made FRP Sheets also comes with Anti-Ageing film embedded on the top during online production process and becomes part of the Sheet which can not be removed even with force. This Anti-Ageing film on top gives extra protection to FRP Sheet from extremes of weather, UV radiation and protects from any kind of abrasion. The life of FRP Sheet gets enhanced by 5 – 7 years with the application of Anti-Ageing film.

  • Industrial Roofing
  • North Light Glazing
  • Skylights – Industrial / Domestic
  • Parking Areas
  • Walk Ways
  • Chemical Plants – Roofing / partition /side cladding /paneling
  • Garages / Verandah /Porches
  • Stadium / Swimming Pool/ Railway Station
  • Window Glazing
  • Side wall cladding
  • Green House
S.No. Description FRP Sheet Acrylic Sheet Plycarbonate Sheet
1. Shatter Resistance Yes No No
2. Impact Resistance Very High Low Medium
3. Light Diffusion Excellent Glaring Glaring
4. Corrosion Resistance Excellent Poor Good
5. Thermal Insulation Excellent Poor Poor
6. Maintenance Free Frequent Replacement Periodical Replacement
7. Weight Very Light Light Light
8. U/V Anti Aging Film Yes No U/V Optional Anti Aging Film-no
9. Weather Resistant Excellent Very Poor Medium
10. Color & Design Many/Versatile Very Limited Very Limited
11. Life Min. 10 Years Not Recommended 3-4 Years
12. Cofficient of Expansion & Contraction -vis-à-vis PEB/M.S Structure Compatible Very Poor Not compatible notable warping & deformation after 1-2 years
13. Tensile Strength ≥ 1050 kg/cm2 < 676 kg/cm2
14. Co-efiicient of Thermal Expansion 0.9-1.8/°C x 10-5 6.7/°C x 10-5
15. Fire Performance (Opaque sheets) Fire Retardant/Optional Highly Inflammable Melts like Plastic
S.No. Parameters Requirements Methods
1. Glass Content 30% IS: 12866 – 1989
2. Water Absorption 0.22% IS: 12866 – 1989
3. Density 1.50 Kg/m2 IS: 12866 – 1989
4. Barcol Hardness Shall not increase more than 30% or its initial value IS: 12866 – 1989
5. Bolt Shear Test - IS: 12866 – 1989
6. Mean load at which first tear appears (> =375 N) IS: 12866 – 1989
7. Value of load at which first tear appears (>= 250 N) IS: 12866 – 1989
8. Load Deflection Test - IS: 12866 – 1989
9. Total Load (at 13mm deflection) 1205 N (Observation – No rupture & no minor cracks IS: 12866 – 1989
10. Light Transmission – Clear 83% – Classification – l IS: 12866 – 1989






Excellent Light

Excellent Weather

Hail Storm

Durable & Long


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