What Is FRP / GRP?

A composite material consisting of Fiberglass Reinforcement in the matrix of Unsaturated Polyester Resin and the most common word used for the composite material in FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). However, many people use the term GRP, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics is the same material.

The resin brings the environmental and chemical resistance to the product and is the binder for the glass fiber in the structural laminate. And act as a protective coating with UV stabilized in built color of your choice. FRP has endless possibilities as regards thickness, capacity for combination with other materials, mix of materials, and is therefore having exceptional strength to weight ratio. FRP is generally known for its high strength and resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, bacteria or termite and have an excellent acoustic insulation.

And because of above outstanding properties unlike Polycarbonate, PVC, wood etc. It finds its application in all industrial sectors like building and construction, chemical industries, railways, marine industries, food industries, automobile, etc. FRP products are easy to repair and hardly require any maintenance.

frp collage