FRP Rain Water Gutter

“Why FRP Rain Water Gutter ?” The conventional Rain water Gutter which were made with 0.5 – 3.0 mm thick M.S G.I Sheet are prone to corrosion, don’t have proper sealing systems on joints therefore, under harsh and extreme weather conditions becomes the weak point for water leakages, corrosion in Gutters which in result damage capital intensive machinery and affecting the Continuous Production Process.
Whereas FRP Rain Water Gutter System which is made from composite material fiberglass in a matrix of thermosetting resin with step jointing module for leak proof gutters and M.S strips embedded at desired spacing to form a single casted tough laminate with smooth glossy finish inside the gutter in desired color for easy and smooth drainage of water.

FRP Rain Water Gutter
FRP Rain Water Gutter

“FRP Rain Water Gutter

FRP Gutters can be made in required shape, sizes and length with other accessories like down take socket, end covers, junction boxes, cross-joints, etc.
FRP Gutters can be made in required shape, sizes and length with other accessories like down take socket, end covers, junction boxes, cross-joints, etc.
FRP rain water Gutter duly installed on the existing MS bracket / support member made of MS angle / flat normally at a distance of 500-750 mm depending on the span has load bearing capacity of 300-500 kgs. Per r. mtr.

“Scope of Work” Supply and sealing of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Gutter 4mm thick with step jointing of 50mm at site.

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“Nomenclature” Supply of 4mm thick FRP Gutter of“Rooffit” brand an ISO-9001 Certified Company to be fabricated using two coats of Isopthalic grade UV stabilized Gel coat as top coating giving Glossy smooth surface on the top to take the extreme of weather and temperature followed by reinforcement of Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) and Woven roving (WR) duly impregnated with unsaturated polyester Isopthalic exterior grade UV stabilized resin to form tough laminate with extra reinforcement of MS strip of size 25 x 3 mm at a distance of 1000 mm c/c starting from one end of the gutter to be embedded with the gutter. The size of each gutter can be provided in 4.0-5.0 meters and color of your choice.

Advantages Our Finest Product


Single Casted with no Joints: FRP Gutter are casted in one single piece (Monolithically casted) hence leaving no scope for any water, moisture, insects, dusts etc. to seep inside the gutter and pose problem towards maintenance, leakages or bad smell. Only FRP gutter can be made in single piece, unlike M.S., G.I. or asbestos.


Maintenance Free: FRP gutter are made with inbuilt color, single piece casting and smooth glossy finish hence practically requires no maintenance except for cleaning with plain cloth once in a while or cleaning with soap water. Moreover, as the gutter is made with inbuilt color, it has very long live without fading of color and requires no repainting over regular interval, unlike M.S. or G.I.


Very Long Life: FRP as a material is very tough & rigid and resistant to extreme of weather and there is no aging of the material as a result it retains the same luster, strength and rigidity over a very long period, unlike M.S. or G.I.


Corrosion Resistant: Excellent water and chemical resistance- the gutter is constantly exposed to Water, Factory corrosive fumes and chemicals.

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Ease of Installation: FRP gutter is fabricated as per design and shape required and is provided with inbuilt step for ease of jointing at site.


Ease of Repair: FRP as a material can be very easily repaired at site for any local or major damage, if any & more over repaired area is not visible.


Can resist very high impact strength, which is evident by its application in various fields of automobiles, railways, boats, aircrafts and defense etc.


Ease of Handling: FRP gutter are tough, light weight & scratch proof hence easy to handle, transport & install at site.


Good aesthetic appeal, strength, durability, waterproof & are termite proof.


.Good dimensional stability at high temperature unlike MS or GI


Choice of wide range of inbuilt color – maintenance free finishes.


Resistant to weathering & UV exposure as the FRP gutter are UV stabilized..


Resistant to weathering & UV exposure as the FRP gutter are UV stabilized..


Good electrical & thermal properties.


Excellent Mechanical, Physical and Biological properties.


Advantageous strength / weight ratio and rigidity.

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Molding size virtually unlimited.


Considerable design versatility.

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Fire Retardant-if required.